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Meet Jason Arcilla and The Rhythm Sons:


The Rhythm Sons are a Maui-based trio bringing their mellow funk-rock soundtrack to venues from Maui to the West Coast and beyond. Comprised of three lifelong disciples of the arts, JA & The Rhythm Sons envelop every space they enter with their infectious vibe and smooth daisy sound. After breaking free from the “island-reggae mold”, band founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jason Arcilla has curated a saucy "R&B" – Reggae & Blues - which is a refreshing departure from anything Maui-typical. Arcilla blends his own poetic lyrics with unique producing methods and delivers a palpable energy. Drummer Patrick Tavis, all rock ‘n’ roll poppy chops, and bass player Jon Cua with his abundant jazzy fret walks, together provide an eclectic backline to Arcilla’s dreamy guitar licks and suave vocals. What results is a mood suitable for grabbing the closest beverage and letting the weight of the world melt away. JA & The Rhythm Sons hope their stoked souls and laid back tunes enhance and encompass your groove.


Music Daisy Jazzy _ Live _ Diamonds 2.mpJA & The Rhythm Sons
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John Cua: bass


- Taiko drummer from age 6 to 15 - Played nearly 600 shows in that nine years.


- Professional bassist since coming to Maui in ______.


- Has toured at conventions and events all over America.


- Jazz drummer/ bassist for northern Arizona university.


- Has collaborated with Fiji, Maoli, Tenelle, Willie K, Nuff Sedd, Gomega, Homestead, Malino, Loeka Longakit , Dani Girl, Tflatz, Shea Derrick and Full Flavors band, Braddah Walter, and more.

Patrick Tavis: drums and background vocals


- Born and bred musician hailing all the way back to alto sax at age 7


- Professional percussionist since age 20


- Originally from California, based in Maui since 2008


- Eclectic style ranging from classic and punk rock, to reggae and R&B


- Has played many local events: Maui’s first Pure Aloha Festival,


- Has opened for Maoli, Kanekoa, Leilani Wolfgramm, Arise Roots, Anuhea, Kanoa of Gomega and even Punk Rock classics like The Vandals, NOFX, Guttermouth, and Agent Orange.


- Has collaborated with local artists Sam and Howard Ahia, Levi Poasa (founding the band Soul Easy), Brian Santana, Natalie Nicole Robles, The Satterday Saints, Jason Arcilla and The Rhythm Sons

Jason Arcilla: guitar and vocals


- Proud Maui-based musician, singer-songwriter, and producer


- Released 3 EPs and 5 singles since 2015


- Recorded three radio singles – “Music Daisy”, “Gypsy”, “Cool, Cool Car” – which played on 200 radio stations worldwide including Hawai’i, Europe, Japan, and Jamaica


- R&B /Reggae-influenced vibe

Jungle Heart Records
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