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Four Gifts for a Friend Who's Under the Weather

Have you ever wished you could do something to help a friend or family member who seemed a bit down? Maybe this person just got out of a relationship or lost a loved one. Perhaps the individual lost a job or is experiencing another hardship. These are some special gifts you can give that person if you want to lift his or her spirits:

A Free Makeover

A free ticket to get beauty makeup is just about the most perfect gift you can get for someone who feels under the weather about a recent breakup. Therefore, you may want to consider getting your friend one of those. It will lift his or her spirits and cause that person to look in the mirror fondly. It's an excellent idea if you want to put a smile on someone's face who hasn't had the chance to experience any lately.

A New Music Compilation

Music can touch anyone's soul and help that individual get through unpleasant emotions or experiences. Thus, you may want to search for a new music album that contains sounds this person might enjoy. Visit the site of some new artists and listen to some previews to see if it's the type of music this person can relate to. For example, you would probably want to buy an uplifting pop or spiritual album for someone who has the blues. Blues and R&B are only good if the person wants to reminisce or release some sadness about the matter. Rock and rap are more for times when someone needs to get going. They're excellent for lifting someone out of an exhausted state of mind, for example.

An Entertaining Conversation

Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to talk to, and giving them some of your time is the best way you can care for them. Therefore, consider calling your friend for a chat before bed. Better yet, visit that person's home and bring some of the best ice cream he or she has ever had. This person will appreciate that you went out of your way to let them know you cared. One day, you may even need that person to return the favor.

A Dinner Date

Good food has a way of lifting people's spirits first and then putting them to sleep from the overwhelming satisfaction. Maybe this friend of yours is so down that he or she can't get out of bed. In that case, you might have to be a caring friend who knocks on the door and invites the individual to a dinner date. You can convince him or her to get up, put some nice clothes on, and catch a bit of fresh air. The two of you could talk about fun times and reminisce about when life was a lot brighter. That will take your friend's mind off everything and shift it to a more positive and fruitful perspective.

Your friend will be delighted that you took the time to check-in. That person will be even more pleased with the gift you give. It doesn't really matter as long as it comes from the heart.

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